Sales Coaching

Discover your behavioural type and how you can leverage your personality to maximise sales.

Becoming more skilled at selling means becoming more skilled at understanding and adapting to different types of people. Our research based assessments can help you become a bullet proof sales person and overcome sales objections.

Choose from our most popular assessments and coaching packages;


This assessment measures four core behavioural tendencies.

  • Dominance – Our response to problems & challenges.
  • Influence – Our response to people & contact.
  • Steadiness – Our response to pace & consistency.
  • Compliance – Our response to procedures & constraints.

People tend to like and trust those who are similar to them. The most effective way to gain the commitment and cooperation of others is to “get into their world” and “blend” with their behavioural style. Our DISC coaching program  helps you understand your  natural approach to the sales process and how to adapt your approach to different prospects.


This assessment measures six core values or motivators.

Underlying every sale is a motivating reason about why people buy. If we understand what the customer values (what they care about), we will be better positioned to understand their motivation to buy. Once we  understand their motivation, we are able to meet their expectations, create pleasant experiences, build trust, and win more business.


This assessment measures 5 core dimensions of Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence  is at the very heart of the sales process. People  buy on the basis of emotional reasons, which they justify with logic. Behind every purchase is an emotional need (for example, more confidence, less stress, more happiness). Our Emotional Intelligence Coaching will help you  understand how to tap into the power of emotion in order to meet the customer’s wants and needs.

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