Leadership Success Coaching

Become a likeable leader; Discover your behavioural type and how you can leverage your behavioural type and personality to become a leader of influence.

Our leadership success coaching combines cutting edge/research based assessments and high performance coaching so that you can inspire top performance in your team.

This program combine two sciences ofperformance, helping you to understand people in two key
areas of performance:

  • HOW your team behaves and communicates — using the world famous
    DISC assessment
  • DO they actively apply the principles of emotional intelligence — using the EQ assessment

As your understanding of how other people differ, how they behave, how they communicate, how they apply Emotional Intelligence grows, so too will your leadership grow.

Our Behavioural Intelligence assessment and coaching will help you make finer distinctions between individuals and understand how to help them become more productive.

This coaching program will also help you understand yourself and how your leadership impacts on your team. You will also discover how to;

Tailor Your Management Style – A refined understanding of individuals means you can tailor your management approach to suit each team member.

Drive Engagement – Engaging people is about looking at the full picture of talents, skills, values and behaviours that create emotional commitment.

Greater Self-Awareness – increase self awareness by understanding your own behavioural style, your leadership strengths and how to leverage your strengths and identify areas for development.

Build Deeper Rapport – The greater the understanding of an individual, the easier it becomes to connect.

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