IGNITE Leadership Emotional Intelligence Enhancement Program

The Game Change for Business Life Changer for People

The Ignite Emotional Intelligence coaching program helps professionals develop emotional intelligence skills and improve their impact, influence, leadership and resilience. The tools and techniques covered are applicable within and outside of the workplace, making the program “game changing for business and life changing for people”. Genos.

Who will benefit?

Ignite is an emotional intelligence enhancement program designed for leaders at all levels who wish to:

  • Facilitate difficult conversations with confidence,
  • Feel less stressed and better equipped to manage high work demands,
  • Create a positive work environment for others, and
  • Be better equipped to positively influence the decisions, behaviour and performance of work colleagues

Program Content:

There are six core modules of the program. Each session, delivered in a two-hour professionally facilitated format, includes:

  • Relevant pre-work,
  • Cutting-edge research,
  • Experiential scenarios, and
  • On-the-job applications. Combining learning methodologies with a learning-journey structure (assessments before and after the program), participants experience enduring improvements in their emotional intelligence.

What is involved?

The program involves:

  • Practical models and techniques,
  • Expert facilitator-led demonstrations,
  • Practice applications,
  • Small and large group discussions, and
  • Applying the material in your daily interactions with others.

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