Workplace High Performance & Team Building Assessment Tools

A suite of research-backed assessments used by Fortune 500 companies
Our internationally recognised Assessments have been designed specifically for workplace applications by PhD-level psychometricians. Used by Fortune 500 companies every day, all assessments:

  • Exceed all standards for psychometric reliability and validity,
  • Are internationally recognised and supported by a wealth of peer-reviewed published research,
  • Are accompanied by professional reports that present results in an accessible fashion with tailored development aids to facilitate development and growth
  • Have development solutions which use accessible, practical and scientifically proven methods.

Our coaches and facilitators are both skilled teachers and experienced professionals themselves. Our experts in assessment and survey design help our clients measure return on investment from the integration and use of our assessments and development programs. This business  focused approach to developing great people and measuring business improvement is encapsulated in our philosophy – Unleashing Potential.

DISC Assessments:

“ Unlike some of the more primitive DISC models, our DISC assessments  provide feedback on all four behavioural factors to truly capture how we are unique at a behavioural level”


DISC is the world’s #1 behavioural assessment, taken by millions of people every year and estimated to be in use by 75% of Fortune 500 companies. DISC is a very simple yet powerful four-quadrant framework used to articulate the common ways that all human beings tend to behave and communicate.

DISC explores: HOW we prefer to behave and communicate

The DISC model is a four-factor model that helps people understand and appreciate their own behavioural style, the style of others, and how to adapt their style to suit a situation or person.

The 4 core DISC behaviours measured are:

  • Dominance – Our response to problems & challenges.
  • Influence – Our response to people & contact.
  • Steadiness – Our response to pace & consistency.
  • Compliance – Our response to procedures & constraints.

Our DISC profile tool  is recognised as the most user- friendly and well-researched DISC profile available anywhere in the world.

Our suite includes reports designed for use in recruitment and selection as well as more comprehensive coaching and development reports.


The most productive teams;

  • understand how each individual member prefers to be communicated to as well as what pushes their buttons
  • understand the inherent strengths and potential areas for conflict that commonly arise in group situations.

Use this assessment tool to increase team collaboration, deal with conflict and understand each team member’s strengths and how to leverage those strengths.


A key component of trust between two individuals is the alignment and awareness of values.

By understanding others’ primary values, we are able to

  • build better relationships
  • understand the root cause of conflict and address it.

Use our motivators assessment to discover the WHY behind what your team does.


Although emotions and feelings may seem trivial from a business point of view, they have real consequences for getting work done and improving the company’s bottom line.

“The most effective teams operate with emotional intelligence”. People perform according to the way they feel.

Teams that understand the principles of EI take an active role in managing their own (and others’) emotional energy and directing that energy into productive outcomes.

Use this assessment to enhance Emotional Intelligence team to maximise productivity.

Other uses of DISC Assessments


  • Selection / Interviewing
  • Job Benchmarking
  • Induction


  • Leadership Development
  • Communication
  • Sales Development
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Customer Service
  • Coaching and Mentoring


  • Change Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Competency Modelling
  • Workforce Transition


  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Relationships
  • Career planning

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